Travellers arrive in Cleethorpes car park.



Travellers arrive in Cleethorpes Car park.


Travellers have set up camp on the grassed area of the car park next to the boating lake.

The convoy of caravans are parked on the grassy area next to the paid parking site which is used by tourists and locals visiting the boating lake.

Travellers have also been seen camped near the Grimsby auditorium.

It is a legal requirement for the Local Authority to provide a site for travellers who visit the area. At the moment there is not an available site. Which causes them to find an alternative place to camp.

North East Lincolnshire council announced that finding a site for travellers as part of its Local Plan.

Councillor Jackson has promised that the issue will be resolved soon and it is top of the list of the current administration. To make sure we look at finding a suitable site in order to stop these illegal encampments.


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