Sunday morning politics.

General Election 2019

With the general election a few weeks away, Labour are behind in the polls, the Conservatives are fearful of the Brexit Party splitting votes and with the Lib Dem’s struggling to get equal air time it promises to be a narrow, full bore campaign with mince pies.

Official campaign begins this Wednesday after Parliament is formally shut down but campaigns have already kicked of with the Government announcing the benefits freeze will end in 2020 – its latest spending pledge ahead of the start of campaigning. Meanwhile Labour vows a massive home improvement programme to cut energy bills and reduce carbon emissions if it wins power.

Please join the debate, the question this morning is have you changed party allegiance and for what reason or are you doggedly committed to your one party!



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    • Paul , November 3, 2019 @ 11:03 am

      For those that haven’t been paying attention Where do you think the Tories got the idea for scrapping HS2 from ?
      Or reforming/Scrapping the House of Lords and returning Postal Voting to how it should be ?
      That’s right
      Time for PROPER change.
      If you don’t vote to remove the same self serving arsewipes from parliament then NOTHING will EVER change.
      Same bent Judiciary
      Same bent Postal Votes
      Same Expense fraud
      Yada yada yada.

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