Motorbikes seized and riders reported in day of action

Whilst many were out enjoying the various community events last weekend, the North Lincolnshire teams were out tackling antisocial behaviour and motorcycle crime as part of the force’s Operation Yellowfin.

From seizing uninsured vehicles to reporting riders for traffic offences, the teams were certainly kept busy.

Inspector Mark Fletcher said: “My team are proud to be part of this community and we will not stand for anything that is having a negative impact on those that live and work in the area

We regularly speak to residents whether that’s online via My Community Alerts and social media or face to face when out on patrol, during our police surgeries or through our Humber Talking survey. The information that we get from the public is put together with what our officers see and hear helping us to understand the bigger picture and take action against offenders. We had some great examples over the weekend where information from a member of the public had a direct impact on our operational activity.  The team sent out an email alert through the My Community Alert system letting residents know that we would be in the area. We received a reply from someone reporting that a motorcycle had been ridden antisocially the night before. Officers carried out investigations into the report and a suspect was identified, located and will soon be appearing before the court. We also had a message, via My Community Alert, about young people riding a motorbike on the fields and woods near Foxhills. The team received the message and went straight to the area. Once there the teens tried to hide the bike and run away however, they were stopped by officers. We seized the bike and reported the teens for roads offences. These examples highlight what can be achieved when we work with the community and I would like to reiterate how important it is that we continue working together. Finally, to those that choose to ride bikes antisocially or illegally – not only are you having an impact on your community but you are also putting yourself and others in danger and that is something that we will not accept.”

If you have any information about crime or antisocial behaviour in your area call the non-emergency 101 line to report it.

If you prefer to report information anonymously you can do so by calling the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

If there is a crime in progress or you are in an emergency call 999.

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