Hundreds Against Peacock Cull

Hundreds Against Peacock Cull

After the debate between keeping the peacocks in the Doncaster village or removing them,

around 300 residence have signed a petition against the idea of culling the peacocks.

The peacocks are a hassle and a blessing depending on who you ask.

Whilst many love the colourful birds, there are some residence who wish

there was at least fewer birds in order to prevent the peacocks

from destroying their property.

There are around twenty birds in Finningley, and results show the number has tripled in the latest years.

The council are looking to reduce the amount of birds, however they have stated that they will not be killing them.

Many residents love the birds, with some moving here just because of them, however there are some

who aren’t keen on the beautiful birds.

Tonight the council will finally decide what they are going to do.

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