Trial Comes To A Close For Alleged Murder Down Southfield Road

Trial Comes To A Close For Alleged Murder Down Southfield Road

Four men have been accused of murder following the death of 22-year-old Luciano Dos Santos Almeida

who had been hit by a car before being stabbed multiple times in Southfield Road, Oxford.

The four men were identified as Michael Yemane, 20, of South Bridge Row, Oxford;

Welid Solomon, 25, of Field Avenue, Oxford;

Sasan Mohammed Khalid, 19, of no fixed abode;

and Safeen Abdullah Karimi, 28, of Hode Garth, Thame,

are all on trial at Oxford Crown Court accused of murder.

Prosecutors claim Almeida was hit by a car that Soloman wad driving before being fatally stabbed multiple times.

Solomon was also accused of setting fire to the car allegedly involved in the crime,

however he denies the accusation.

At the start of the trial that happened last month, it was known that the four men had hunted their victim

before they attacked.

Witnesses who heard the attack said they could hear Mr Almeida scream ‘help, help, help’ before police swarmed on the area and paramedics arrived.

All four continue to deny murder and the trial continues.

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