So sad that 200,000 children said they are unhappy with their lives as a whole.


So sad that 200,000 children said that they are unhappy with their lives as a whole.

The Children’s Society Good Childhood’s annual report found that more than 200,000 children said they are unhappy with their lives as a whole. Teenage boys are catching up with their female counterparts by becoming more worried about their looks. It was estimated in the report that just under one in 12 boys, around 18,000 of all those aged 10-15 are unhappy about their appearance. The children’s society suggests that the Love Island culture where a sculptured gym body is of overwhelming importance has a wide influence among male teenagers. Lots of girls have long struggled with being satisfied with their looks, boys have in the past been happier with their appearance but the gap is narrowing.

When asked what worries them more widely 42 percent of 10-17year olds said they are concerned about crime.  And 41 percent of children and teenagers are worried about the environment. More than a third 37 percent are worried about sharing information on social media, and 20 percent worry over the economy or Brexit. The charity found that one in eight children are unhappy at school and around one in forty do not like their friends. It found that excessive use of social media was one reason of tension between friends.

Mark Russell said that ” modern childhood is a happy and carefree time for most yet for many it is not. Our young people are becoming progressively unhappy with their friendships, school and appearance.

The report is based on the society’s own and other public surveys of the well being of children and the young.

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