How experts predict we will be living in 50 years time.


How experts predict we will be living in 50 years time.

Some people will think it sounds like a fantastic dream but for others, it will be more like a nightmare. Samsung phone makers commissioned a report and it has drawn up a startling picture of how our lives may look in 2069.

The report tells of tiny computers implanted in our bodies that will translate foreign languages in an instant. Microchips under our skin will keep our health in check. We will have sensors that will tell us exactly what our bodies need at any time. The food that we eat will be carefully tailored to our personal nutritional requirements. Researchers say that insects will become so widespread that they will be one of our main sources of protein. And small insect farms will be in every kitchen.

Television programmes will be beamed directly to our brains via optoelectronic devices.  And we will surf the net by simply plugging ourselves in the Future in Focus report predicts. People with failing organs will be able to have them replaced with new ones produced by 3D printers. They will be transplanted by robotic surgeons. Automated assistants will clean our homes and act as virtual carers in our old age.

Because of radical improvements to healthcare and diet people born around 2069 could expect to live forever, by uploading their memories into virtual storage even dementia will be beaten. We would be able to hop over to New York in  30 minutes in a reusable rocket that will travel outside the atmosphere before it drops down to earth at 20,000 miles an hour.

But some people will be excited by these developments others find them horrifying. Nearly two-thirds of Britons like the sound of a self-cleaning home but only 14 percent find the idea of eternal life or plugging their brains into the web appealing according to a survey by Samsung.

What do you think do these predictions for the future excite or horrify you?

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