Are you the man for the job?



Are you the man for the job?

A professional honey trapper is needed.

A millionaire is offering £15,000 for someone who is willing to try and seduce his fiancée. He wants to double-check his new fiancée before he ties the knot.

When you are so wealthy how can you be sure that your partner is interested in you and not your bank balance?

He has previous bad experiences with women who were only after his money which have left him worried. The lady in question and the millionaire have been together for more than a year.

After he proposed to his girlfriend the worries increased as she is against a pre-nup and seems very eager for the ceremony to be done quickly.

The man is offering a payment of £15,000 access to a luxury flat, a couple of premium cars and a budget to someone who is willing to try and seduce her. He is offering this so that she can be convinced the person is rich.

He admits he is not in his prime and wants to see if a seemingly wealthy, attractive younger man will tempt her away from him.

Applicants need to be good looking, have facial hair, be in good physical shape and be able to act convincingly.

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