Cannabis Farm Equipment Found Dumped In Field

Cannabis Farm Equipment Found Dumped In Field

Boxes for high voltage lights and suspected cannabis leaves have been found by a road near Scunthorpe.

The debris was among many other items that was used to grow the crops on the field.

Six empty boxes of Horti King industrial strength lights were among the items

left behind, the type of light that’s strong but doesn’t involve an overheating light bulb.

Some other items dumped included car tyres, central consoles, a mattress and drawers

along with the usual flytipped cardboard boxes and bin bags.

Not only that, but a pile of soil and spiky leaves resembling a cannabis leaf was littered.

Seemingly, a cannabis farmer has turned over a new leaf.

Police were informed however officers were unable to trace where the equipment had come from,

the council had come by to clear it up the following day.

A resident nearby has informed that the rubbish had been appeared earlier this week

as they reported it to the police.

The lights that were left could have cost around £70 each, meaning the culprit

had invested over £400.



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