16 people given the death Penalty in Bangladesh.

A Bangladesh court has given 16 people the death penalty for the killing of a student set on fire after holding her teacher responsible for sexual assault.

Nusrat Jahan Rafi, 19, died in April in Feni, a small town some 160km (100 miles) outside the capital Dhaka.

The headmaster Nusrat had been held accountable of harassment and two schoolgirls were among those convicted.

Her murder disgusted the nation and led to a series of protests fighting for justice for Nusrat.

The trial has been one of the fastest in this country, as other cases similar to this usually take years to conclude.

However, the speedy conclusion and justice given did barely anything to make her mother feel better, after the brutal murder of her daughter.

The enquiry into Nusrat’s death displayed a theory to hush her, her own classmates and several powerful men in the community were included in this.

Lawyers for the defendants say they will appeal.

Credit: BBC


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