Always sanitary towels boycotted by women in trans logo row.


Always sanitary towels boycotted by women in trans logo row.

The company that makes Alway Sanitary towels has made a controversial decision to remove the Venus logo from its packaging. The decision was made after transgender activists complained. Many women criticised the brand of bowing to a tiny minority when it announced that the female symbol will not feature in its design from January. The transgender activists said that the symbol which is connected to the Roman Goddess of love would alienate customers who are transgender or identify as non-binary neither male or female.

The decision has resulted in an angry backlash on social media with one woman saying Women need to take a stand we need to stop capitulating to the feeling of a tiny tiny majority. She and her four daughters will be boycotting the products. Another believes that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equally so why don’t they make two types of packaging that would be acceptable, she believes that to take away the symbol of femininity is ridiculous.

Always said that their mission is to ensure no girl loses confidence at puberty because of her gender or period.

In your opinion are Alway right or wrong to take away the feminine symbol?

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