Sons cost parents £20K more than daughters.



Sons cost parents £20k more than daughters.

Parents will pay out £20,000 more for sons for daughters. Because sons tend to stay at home four years longer.

The study of 1,000 parents has found that sons tend to live at home until they are 26. But daughters fly the nest at an average age of 22.

The study found that the average adult child living at home costs their parents £414 a month which is just under £5,000 a year in food, drinks, bills, and handouts.

The study by pension firm Portafina also found that 20 percent of parents refused to take money from their children to help pay the bills.

Some parents work longer hours or alter their lifestyles to cover extra costs which the study says is worrying. They say parents should be very wary of dipping into pensions in order to subsidise their children.

I’m sure that adult children who still live at home are extremely thankful even if they don’t always show it.

Do you take lodge money from your adult children still living at home?


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