What a pity all estranged couples can’t act like this?



What a pity all estranged couples can’t act like this?

A mother shared a photo of the true-meaning of co-parenting which has gone viral. She shared the photo of her former partner and current fiancé leaving the hospital with her newborn son and hand in hand with her toddler son.

She remarked that both of them are fathers to our children. And the fact that they get along meant that all four of us could sit in the hospital while I had another child with someone else is amazing.

She said that she and her ex-partner separated after nearly three years together and share their 3-year-old child together. They always agreed on doing what was best for their child and were really mature about it.

The two parents share custody of their child and have never had to go through the legal system to work out their issues.

Her advice to anyone else co-parenting is to always stay honest with one another.

Wouldn’t it be good if all estranged couples could act like this if only for the sake of the children?

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