Wellbeing and Happiness for You and Your Dog

Wellbeing and happiness for you and your dog on World Animal Day.

With World Animal Day right around the corner on the 4th October, people around the globe are mobilising to make the world a better place for all animals. While some people will take more extreme action to care for animals, there are still smaller things that can be done to make the immediate world a better place for animals, specifically dogs.

Leading training and behavioural experts, Company of Animals have put together a few ways dog owners can make life as comfortable and rewarding as possible for their dog.

Walking is one of the best ways to keep a dog happy and fit. Walking will also help with a dog’s socialisation as they will no doubt come across other dogs on route. Keeping a dog socialised is extremely important in helping them develop as they grow older. Dogs will want to see and explore the world and may become bored if kept inside for too long, so exploring different places will benefit a dog’s physical and mental health as well as their overall wellbeing. Perhaps not so well known however, the equipment used can dramatically affect how pleasant the walk is.

The Halti Walking range brings unparalleled practicality and comfort when taking a dog out walking, suitable for all types of dogs and owners. The Halti Walking Harness offers both style and functionality, with two lead clips on the dog’s chest and back helps to maintain control, even with more energetic dogs. The harness has five points of adjustment that will help provide extra comfort for the dog, and control for the dog walker.

In addition to the Walking Harness, Halti have developed the All-In-One Lead which can help provide a more comfortable and enjoyable walk for pet and owner. For people that enjoy getting out and about, the All-In-One Lead is a multi-function lead which can work as a regular tie-out or be extended to use as a belt – perfect for those wishing to go running with their dog. The base of the lead has a super-strong elastic shock absorber, which will protect both the dog and the owner from any sudden jolts on the lead.

Andrew Groom, Product Development Manager at Company of Animals, said: “Stress free exercise is the dream of every dog owner I talk to; more importantly it maximises your dog’s enjoyment on any walk. Incorporating 40 years of training knowhow, changing breed sizes and combining innovative design and tested functionality. We integrated it into all parts of the Halti Walking range to provide all the capability to share in everyday stress free enjoyment.”

Walking is one your dog’s favourite pastimes, so ensuring they have the best time is a must to keep them happy. The Halti Walking range will work to provide this for dogs and ensure the best walking experience possible this World Animals Day.

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