Former School Building Brought Back Into Use

A former school building is set to be given a new lease of life, Council plans have revealed.
The plans, which have been approved by North East Lincolnshire Council’s cabinet, will see the century-old site of the old Bursar School in Cleethorpes to be brought back into use as an education facility for children who are looked after by the local authority.
The new education site will hold a small number of children and young people with additional needs, and is part of a pioneering Council project to bring a number of so-called looked after children back to the area.
Councillor Ian Lindley, portfolio holder for children and young people said: “The children that are under the Council’s care rank among some of the most vulnerable in the area and have often been through some very traumatic circumstances.
“In the past, where we have lacked any suitable school for these children, the Council would pay for them to move out of the area and closer to a suitable school, but research has proven that children that remain close by their friends and families and in an area they know, have much better futures.
“Sending children to live in another area can also prove costly in the long term, whilst keeping them in their home towns is the preferred, and more cost effective, option.
“By keeping these children in their home towns, we are fulfilling our responsibility to care for these vulnerable youngsters, and saving tax payers money in the process.
Councillor Lindley added: “We have met with residents to discuss the plans and answer their questions. It is important to recognise that this site will not be a return to the days of the old Bursar school – we will not have hundreds of parents waiting to pick up children from the gates – these vulnerable children will be transported to and from school each day, with vehicles parking inside the site on the old courtyard.
“The school will hold a small number of children – a far cry away from the hundreds taught each day on the site previously.
“I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing our children grow and develop here at Bursar.”
North East Lincolnshire Council has completed some routine works to allow the building to be used once again.
The school site is expected to reopen for use in October/November 2019.

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