Police issue a force wide warning after a driver is attacked.


Police issue a force wide warning after a driver is attacked.

Although the incident happened in Leconfield in East Yorkshire police have issued a force wide warning.

A driver was attacked when he pulled over to help at a fake accident scene. The victim was driving when he came across a motorcyclist who was laid in the road with another man looking down at him. The driver stopped opened his window and asked if he could assist. But at that point, one of the men is believed to have assaulted the driver while the other man stole two mobile phones by opening the passenger door. The driver drove away quickly and reported the incident to the police.  The driver has been left with a serous wound to his arm. It is believed that the attackers spoke with Liverpool accents,

Police offer the following advice they are asking that members of the public to express caution if they come across a traffic collision. Especially when it is dark.

If you are alone in your car please exercise caution. If you feel that it is safe to stop, please ensure you do not put yourself at any risk. Remain in your vehicle with the doors and windows closed and locked so that you can assess what is going on prior to doing anything else.

Call the police when it is safe to do so. Please consider using the What Three Words App to help point us to the location if in a rural setting.




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