GI Media Welcomes Girl Up North

GI Media Welcomes Girl Up North

Girl Up North started whilst I was living in Manchester. I’d always enjoyed writing and I thought I’d give blogging a go. It opened up a few doors for me as I was mainly blogging about my life in the city and work in the technology industry. But back then I feel like the blog didn’t really have a true definition or focus.

After being made redundant in 2018 I moved back home to Cleethorpes. I was instantly blown away by all the small, independent businesses that had popped up in my absence and the amazing community they had created around them.

Not only that but I personally love being back home, after eight years living in London and Manchesters fast-paced environments it was great being back to a more relaxed lifestyle by the beach. There really is something very tranquil about a stroll on Cleethorpes seafront that you just can’t get anywhere else.

I’d wanted a new direction for the blog for a while and thought it would be perfect to write about life in my beautiful hometown, the businesses and the people who live here. The blog has had an amazing response, which has enabled me to meet some fantastic people and businesses along the way.

North East Lincolnshire isn’t perfect, but show me a place that is…However, the grit and passion people have in the area means that we are seeing massive changes in the town. New businesses are thriving and exciting events like the recent Festival of the Sky being held in the area are a real annual treat.

That is why I am so excited to be working with GI Media Group and GI Humber Business to continue promoting local businesses and events, but also to build the profile of our wonderful borough.

Gemma Robinson AKA Girl Up North is a local Cleethorpes girl. After moving away for eight years she returned in 2018 and has a real passion for all things local. Keen to promote North East Lincs, Girl Up North focuses on the people, businesses and events in the area, with a little bit of her life thrown in for fun!