Don’t make any major decisions while you are hungry.


Don’t make any major decisions while you are hungry.

Scientists say that if you are making any major decisions make sure you do it on a full stomach. A study found that being hungry makes us more likely to make short term impulsive choices. So for example, if you were going to speak to a mortgage or pension advisor if you do it while hungry it might make you care a bit more about immediate gratification. Which could be at the expense of a potentially lot more rosy future. In the study, researchers offered participants an immediate reward or double the reward in the future. When they were full the participants were willing to wait 35 days to double the prize. but they were only willing to wait three days when they were hungry. It was concluded that hunger made people more impulsive even when the decisions they were asked to make did nothing to relieve their hunger.

The researchers say that hunger is so common, like children going to school without breakfast, lots of people fast for religious reasons and a number of people are on calorie-restricted diets.  That it is important to understand the non-obvious ways in which our decisions and preferences may be affected by hunger.

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