Judge’s fury at those who lie to get out of court duty.



Judges’ fury at those who lie to get out of court service.

a  judge is furious over too many potential jurors brazenly lying so that they can get out of court duty. He said there are even internet sites to help you find ways to avoid doing your public duty. The problem was highlighted after he fined a pensioner the maximum £1,000 when they refused to serve as a juror and failed to attend contempt proceedings in court. The pensioner failed to attend court twice he said he could not sit but when told he needed a doctors note he changed it and said he couldn’t concentrate for long. But when he was told a doctors note was needed he said he wasn’t unfit but simply refusing to attend. Another man was fined £1,000 after saying he got the date wrong.

Many jurors are ignoring summonses or refusing to attend when contacted without any legitimate reason. If people fail to attend without good reason the court will impose the maximum penalty.

Jurors can be jailed for doing their own research or divulging details of deliberations. But failing to attend jury service without proper grounds is only punishable with a fine.

A total of 365,000 people were summonsed to do jury service in 2017 in England and Wales and 29 percent were excused which was a rise of 2 percent on the year before.

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