Air pollution knocks seven months off children’s lives.



Air pollution knocks seven months off children’s lives.

Research has found that children breathing in air pollution at current levels could have their lives shortened by seven months.

If an eight-year-old born in 2011 continues to be exposed to current pollution projections they could die between two and seven months early.

The study looked at two leading causes of bad health. Which comes from air pollution nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, a mixture of especially tiny liquid droplets suspended in the air.

Polly Billington who commissioned the research says that this should be a wake-up call to policymakers across the country. We need to tackle this killer which is invisible. And is cutting the lives of children and causing health misery to thousands of adults.

If local councils and those in government worked together plans could be put in place for inclusive clean air zones. Which could tackle the source of the most polluting sources of dirty air. and would let us all breathe freely.

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