Are you aware natural sweetener is fatal to dogs?


A broken-hearted dog owner has sent a warning to all dog owners.

Ruby a seven-year-old Hungarian Vizsla tragically died after eating chocolate brownies.

The chocolate did not kill Ruby it was the Lethal ingredient Xylitol which is used as a natural sweetener.

The sweetener can cause liver failure in dogs.

The dog’s owner had used the sweetener in some chocolate brownies she made to reduce the sugar intake.

Sadly Ruby managed to steal two of the brownies.

She was ill 36 hours after eating the brownies and died eight days later after being on life support.

Ruby,s owner was not aware of the danger to dogs.

Ruby’s owner had no idea that Xylitol was harmful to dogs until the vet asked her if the dog had eaten Xylitol.

She now wants to warn others of the danger.


The following foods can be fatal to dogs:

Chocolate: Contains the stimulant theobromine which can cause seizures, heart attacks, and death.

Grapes, raisins, Sultanas, currants: Any quantity can be toxic and result in kidney failure days after ingestion.

Macadamia nuts: Lead to neurological abnormalities, fever, and weakness

.Onions and garlic: can result in burst blood vessels and anemia.

Fatty foods: Can trigger inflammation of the pancreas, which can be fatal.

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