Our swans need feeding bread.



Did you believe that you should not feed bread to swans.

A campaign was wrongly started on social media that claimed bread was bad for them. The campaign said it was dangerous to feed bread to ducks.

Lots of people therefore stopped feeding them.

Lots of Swans Losing weight.

Now there are lots of swans who seem to be dying and have lost weight.

The campaign wrongly said that bread could cause them angel wing,a birth defect.The information they gave to feed them oats and peas was incorrect.

Queens official swan keeper.

The Queens official swan keeper has said that many swans are underweight because of the ban and there is no reason at all not to give the swans bread.

Wildlife Charity.

Wildlife Charity Swan Support wrote on Facebook Sadly we have another swan that has maybe suffered from the ban the bread campaign.The swan was severely underweight and when our rescuers got there were told by members of the public that they had been told to stop feeding them bread.

Sadly the swan died,the lake he was on was short of natural food,so they were dependent on being fed by the public.

The Charity said they have fed bread to swans who they look after for the last 25 years,and none of them have suffered from ill health.

Not Mouldy bread.

White bread is obviously not the best compared to their natural food like river weed.But it is an important source of energy to them and will help them survive the winter months at a time when natural vegetation is scarce.But please do not feed them mouldy bread.


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