Drink Driving Woman Caught With Child In Car

Drink Driving Woman Caught With Child In Car

Sarah Michalek was caught drink driving after failing to stop when she crashed her silver Vauxhall Astra

into a green Ford Mondeo on Lydiard Green on September 17.

When police stopped her, they discovered she had a child in the back of the car,

with injuries when the seatbelt snapped across his body during the crash.

It is known that Michalek had spat and verbally abused the officers as she was taken to Great Western Hospital for treatment.

Michalek was said to be remorseful, apologising to the officers that night for her disgraceful actions.

This week she appeared in Swindon’s Magistrates’ Court in a smart black suit, the 31-year-old pleading guilty

to driving whilst unfit, failing to stop at the scene of a road accident, assault, ill treatment or neglect of a child,

three instances of assaulting an emergency service worker and using abusive words that could cause

harassment, alarm or distress.

Her defendant, Jonathan Lewis, explained how Ms. Michalek had drunk stronger alcohol than she was used to

earlier that evening with her younger boyfriend.

It is known that Michalek had a long history with mental illness, being prescribed with

a large amount of medication, the effect of the concoction of medication magnifying the impact

of the alcohol she drank.

Magistrates adjourned the sentence until November 14

and ordered a pre-sentence report from the probation service.

Michalek was given an interim driving ban.

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