As Sainsbury’s bans firework sales, should all shops do the same?



As Sainsbury’s ban firework sales, should all shops do the same?

Sainsbury’s will not sell fireworks this year in any of their 2,300 branches. This is because of widespread fears for the welfare of pets and the elderly. Many shoppers and charities have welcomed the move.

Between 11 pm and 7 am it is against the law to let fireworks off. Except on special occasions including Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve.  Many people would like a total ban because the loud bangs and flashing lights could be distressing for animals and the elderly and small children. A survey showed that 81 percent of pet owners can not calm their pets down when fireworks are going off.

Fireworks are also often linked to anti-social behaviour. Sainsbury’s is believed to be the first major retailer to carry a year-round ban.

Do you think fireworks should be restricted to organised displays? Would you like to see all the shops all stop selling fireworks?

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