Peacock Pledge – Will Doncaster Village Keep The Birds?

Peacock Pledge – Will Doncaster Village Keep The Birds?

A debate is going around the Doncaster village Finningley whether they should keep the peacocks in the area or remove them.

Many townspeople love the birds,

considering them beautiful and a unique attraction to the village.

Others however, disagree, claiming they are a nuisance and ruin their property

by digging holes in their garden and scratching their cars.

The village is split on opinions, the debate being compared to a brexit argument.

The peacocks live around the village duck pond where many families enjoy looking at the birds.

Currently, community leaders are deciding what to do with the birds,

which could mean the peacocks will seize to exist in the village,

the options ranging from getting rid of them completely or to allow them to continue breeding.

There are currently four options for the village,

doing nothing, removing all birds, removing a small selection of peafowl or removing the trees in which they roost.

It is thought that the amount of birds have triple over the years,

which means the council will need to decide soon on what they should do.

The peacocks have lived in the village for many years and families of all generations love them, many growing up with the birds.

A final decision is to be announced on October 15.

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