£2,500 Worth Of Cocaine Found In Drug Dealers Car

£2,500 Worth Of Cocaine Found In Drug Dealers Car

£2,500 worth of cocaine was found in John Hart’s car, the man being jailed for two years following the arrest.

John Hart, 54, was driving in his blue Audi A3 along Bellona Drive, Peterborough,

on February 15 of this year when the police pulled him over and searched him.

Before they started to search him, Hart admitted he had “a bit of white on him” which was referring to the 16 bags of cocaine found on his person in a carrier bag.

When the car was searched, another plastic bag containing 100 more bags of cocaine was found in the rear foot-well,

including £1,000 in cash in the centre console along with two phones,

both of which were continuously ringing whilst the arrest was taking place.

Hart was taken to Thorpe Wood Police Station where he attempted to claim the drugs belonged to someone else,

before conceding he had been caught red handed.

Pleading guilty, Hart, of Pertenhall Road, Swineshead, Bedfordshire was sentenced to two years on possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

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