Your child could become a billionaire if they have one of theses top ten names.



Your child could become a billionaire if they have one of these top ten names.

According to John, Charles Ann and Abigail are among the top ten names for boys and girls who are most likely to become billionaires.

HushHush compiled the list of names based on their own internal data as well as information made public such as that on The Sunday Times Rich List. They believe that naming a child is a big decision. Their name is the first thing people know about them, judge them on and can affect their future,

The most common names among the world’s top 500 billionaires were John and David.

HushHush said that they hope to give parents some inspiration when it comes to naming their future millionaire baby.


1. John/Johnathan/Jonny.

2. David/Dave.

3. Thomas/Tommy/Tom.

4. Wang

5. Bill/Billy.

6. Charles/Charlie.

7. Michael/Mike/Mikey.

8. Robert/Robbie.

9. Mohammed.

10. Jim/Jimmy.


1. Marie/Maria/Mary.

2. Judy/Judith,

3. Sofia/Sofie

4. Anne/Anna/Annie

5. Victoria/Vicky/Tori.

6. Elizabeth/ Beth/Lizzie.

7. Abigail/Abby/Abbie.

8. Kim.

9. MacKenzie.

10. Kirsten.


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