Are you going Sober for October and help to raise money for a worthwhile cause?


Are you going sober for October and help to raise money for a worthwhile cause?

People in the Uk are being urged to give up the booze this month and Go Sober For October instead. Every year Macmillan Cancer support encourages people to cut out alcohol to help raise money for people living with cancer.

The charity hopes that for those people who embark on the challenge they will not only raise funds. But will also welcome a whole range of benefits in their lives.  cutting down on alcohol can help improve our livers and heart health but there are lots of other benefits to going teetotal.

What happens to your body when you stop drinking.

A former GP from drink aware says that Once you go sober some benefits will be noticed immediately. Your blood pressure will come down to normal if it is raised. Your sleep pattern and quality will improve. Alcohol is also associated with symptoms of anxiety and depression, despite its popular image, it will not help you feel relaxed if you’re stressed, and it is also linked with self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Alcohol also causes dehydration and dry skin which a lot of people are not aware of. Cutting out alcohol can also help prevent migraines, and not drinking reduces your risk of several types of cancer, including breast and bowel cancer.

Also if you stop drinking don’t forget how much money you’ll save, and showing children that normal life does not have to feature alcohol means they are growing up in a healthier safer environment.

So are you Going Sober For October?

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