Hull Climate Change protest

The global ‘Climate Change’ movement made its presence felt in Hull today.

Friday 20th September was designated as a day for people across the globe to campaign for more action to be taken to protect the world from climate change.  Together, today’s protests are expected to be the largest the world has ever seen.

People taking part include trade unionists, green campaigners, politicians from all parties, schools and colleges – in fact, anyone who is concerned about the inaction of governments, and who fears for the future of the world.

People started gathering in Hull well before the 11am start.  There was a chanting crowd outside the Guildhall, the headquarters of the Council.  The rally itself started in Queens Gardens.  It later moved through to Jameson Street and other city centre areas.  In Queen Victoria Square, hundreds of campaigners lay on the ground as part of their call to the government to take immediate action

Elsewhere in the city, members of Hull University’s student union took part in the strike against climate change.  The union shut down its services and operations from 10am to 11am as part of the protest.  Students and Student Union staff protested outside Student Central whilst others headed into the city centre to join in there.

@bedform who took this picture pointed out that it was taken below the tidal high water level
Climate Change protesters lie down in Queen Victoria Square

Images: from Twitter

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