Humber Talking Gets Results

Great results in the Beverley Road and Newland Avenue areas of Hull thanks to Humber Talking.

Following the thousands of doors we’ve knocked on as part of our Humber Talking surveys, officers were out in the Beverley Road and Newland Avenue areas of Hull for five full days last week responding to the concerns of local residents.

The Beverley Road ‘corridor’ was the first in the force area Humber Talking was brought to. We listened to what residents said, we acted upon their concerns, and we’ve had some cracking results.

Some of the main issues flagged up to us through Humber Talking were about antisocial behaviour, street drinking, littering, groups of people hanging around, fly tipping, nuisance vehicles and nuisance parking. Another concern was about illegal cigarettes being sold.

We’ve been working hard in partnership with the council, trading standards, environmental officers, accommodation teams, licensing officers, volunteers from Absolutely Cultured, people doing community service and specialist ‘tobacco’ dogs.
The area we concentrated on from Monday 2 to Friday 6 September were in the streets south of Cottingham Road to Cannon Junction. We visited Beech Grove, Ash Grove, Alexandra Road, Grafton Street, Lambert Street, De Grey Street, Brooklyn Street, Washington Street, Suffolk Street, May Street, Ryde Street and Ryde Avenue.

Here’s what we’ve done…

Eight people arrested
Three men arrested on suspicion of drugs offences. This followed a suspected drug deal on Fitzroy Street which led to a property on Edgecumbe Street. Cash and 40 wraps of what’s thought to be wraps of class A drugs were seized.

Two men were arrested in connection with two previously reported incidents. One for going equipped to steal and theft of a pedal cycle, and the other for theft of a pedal cycle and aggravated vehicle taking. Officers had seen them acting suspiciously at the junction of Cottingham Road and Beverley Road. After being searched, their details were checked and we found they were wanted for the other offences.

A man was seen who was wanted on prison recall. After a short foot chase on Beverley Road he was arrested. Another was arrested for failing to appear at court. He was taken straight back there.

An eighth man was checked during a traffic stop on Lambert Street. He was found to be wanted on suspicion of an alleged sexual assault.

Three warrants executed
The first one we executed at a flat on Beverley Road alongside trading standards, Hull City Council’s licensing officers and tobacco dogs from Inter K9 limited.

In the property 157,000 illegal cigarettes and 240 pouches of illegal tobacco were seized. Three people’s details were taken. They will be interviewed and dealt with by trading standards and licensing at a later date.

A second warrant was executed at another flat on Beverley Road. Around 3,000 illegal cigarettes were seized. The flat was above a shop and the cigarettes were being passed to the store through a chute. The details of two people were taken, and they will be dealt with by trading standards and licensing.
We estimate that more than £40,000 worth of counterfeit tobacco in total was discovered.

he third was executed at an address on Washington Street thanks to intelligence given by residents living nearby. Unfortunately nobody was in the address at the time and nothing was found. However it’s hoped that this action will disrupt any potential illegal activities at the property in future.
Alcohol seized.

Three people had alcohol taken off them. They were also given advice about the Public Space Protection Order that is in place in the area.

Traffic problems
Residents and members of public told us about illegal parking, speeding, large groups being picked up in cars, cars having more than five people in them and, and unroadworthy vehicles.
Eight vehicles were seized for having no insurance. All drivers reported will be issued with fines.

Two drivers were reported for having no licence. Two disqualified drivers were interviewed at the roadside and reported for summons.

One driver was reported for going through a red light, and Vehicle Defect Rectification Schemes (VDRS) were used for two drivers with defective tyres.

Parking issues
Traffic wardens were also working in the area to address parking issues. They said they’d given out seven fixed penalty notices to motorists parking on double yellow lines and in bus stops.

Public health concerns about properties
Environmental officers issued three 28 day notices to properties on May Street, Suffolk Street and Washington Street. The people living there are now required to clean up their properties at the front and back. This came from residents living near to them complaining. If they fail to comply with the notices, legal action can be taken.

The ‘Love Your Street’ team have been in the area all week picking up litter. On Wednesday there was a van with a cage being driven round from the waste management team which allowed residents to bring out their rubbish and put it in the van.

Love Your Street team were looking at gardens which had rubbish in, and knocking on the doors inviting residents to clear it up and put it in the van. On the back off this some residents have said they’d like to start up their own group to keep the area clean. They’re being given help and advice so they can start this up.

Gating scheme
Hull City Council and residents are looking into funding a gate that leads to alleyways behind May Street and Suffolk Street.
The reason for this is that people are using the alleyway as a toilet and are dumping rubbish down there. There have also been reports groups drinking alcohol and being involved in antisocial behaviour. It’s hoped the gate could reduce this and make he residents feel safe in their homes.

So far no-one who was asked has said no to the gating scheme. This is still an ongoing process, as some landlords and residents have still to be consulted.

Inspections of private rental properties
A supported housing accommodation team carried out a number of visits to privately rented accommodation in order to carry out inspections.

They were checking the condition of the properties to make sure that standards were acceptable and that tenants were following any housing benefit rules that may apply. All was ok and there have been no further reports to say otherwise.
PC Wayne Mellors, Community Beat Manager for the Beverley and Newland Ward said: “There was some really hard work done last week as part of our week of action in our ward area.
“The information we got from people living there through Humber Talking has been invaluable.

“What our neighbourhood teams do is serve their individual communities, listen and address any issues, and come up with solutions to solve any problems.
“It just shows the benefits of working directly with communities and with our partners. We have officers speaking with residents, and are putting further work in place to make sure the Beverley and Newland Ward is a good area to live and work.”

North Hull Neighbourhood Inspector Mark Peasgood said: “I am so very proud of my officers and our partners having achieved so much in just a few days, acting on the information and intelligence we collected through Humber Talking.
“These few days have been a huge success. We know the specific issues people have and what needs to be done. So we’re doing it.

“The work we’re doing through Humber Talking is not just about catching suspects, making arrests, and issuing fines but also about keeping people safe and identifying vulnerable people within our communities.

“We’re getting to know those communities even better than before, building up a strong picture of what’s needed, and building trust. That’s particularly important with people who might not have a lot of contact with police.

“It’s a joint effort by ourselves and other agencies in Hull that will see big improvements in all our communities area. We always like to say ‘you said, we did’ and this is a great example of how that works.”

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