Getting married early in the week could leave you enough for a five- star honeymoon.



Getting married early in the week could leave enough for a five-star honeymoon.

Having to pay a premium to get married at a weekend is now so high that couples could save enough for a five-star honeymoon if they get married on a Monday instead.

Venues charge up to three times as more for Saturday weddings. The photographer, limousine and florist are usually more expensive also.

Many couples opt for a Thursday, Friday, or Sunday because they are usually cheaper. But it has been found that many venues are putting their prices up for these days of the week as well.

So if you want to keep the cost down you have to get married on a Monday Tuesday or Wednesday and could save approximately  £5,340 by not getting married on a Saturday which could pay for a five-star honeymoon.

Although the bride and groom could save a lot it could be an inconvenience for family and friends. They may have to try and get time off work which could be impossible for some.



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