How many of you believe it is ok to return an item of clothing after wearing it?


How many of you believe it is ok to return an item of clothing after wearing it?

Trinny Woodall fashion guru has been criticised for saying that she may return a Zara skirt after wearing it on an Instagram shopping video. She said that she had spent too much on her credit cards this summer and was wearing the skirt which still had its labels in.

She said she may keep it very clean and wore it one morning and thought do I really want to keep it. The founder of Superbrands and The Brand Council suggested that retailers and other customers could lose out if they do the same as Trinny. He said it is a practice that is both damaging retailers and can compromise the clothing that could be passed on to someone else. He believes that it may appear as just cheeky but it is poor practice and you would not expect it from a respected fashion expert.

Asos and Harrods have said they are going to blacklist consumers who they have discovered regularly returning worn clothes.  One person we spoke to said that she is a returnaholic who often returns clothes that she has worn once, she wouldn’t be able to afford the outfits otherwise. Another person said she often buys outfits for special occasions and always leaves the tags on so she has the option to return them. Nine out of ten times she will return it. A retail technology company recently estimated that returns cost £60bn pounds a year to UK retailers.

Do you believe it is wrong to wear an item and then return it?

Or do you often return worn items?

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