98% of women have been told to smile more mostly by men.



98% of women have been told to smile more mostly by men.

More often than not these requests for women to smile come from men. Almost all women said they had been told to smile at least once in their life. But up to 15% of women said it was a weekly or more frequent experience.

More often than not these comments occur at work, where 37% of women were told to smile more at work.

Requests that women soften their expressions or adjust their demeanor at work. cone typically from co-workers who are male.

Women said that they find these requests demeaning, annoying and offensive.

One woman said that the request to smile at work is extremely demeaning and shows that outward appearance is valued over mental and emotional well being of female staff. Whether you smile or not has nothing to do with the quality of work performance.

Some women who feel less inclined to smile have had to encounter accusations such as resting bitch face.

Over half 53% who self-identified as resting bitch face thought that they were taken a fifth less seriously because of their natural expressions.

Have you been asked to smile more at work by a male colleague?

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