If men had periods they would get time off work.



If men had periods they would get time off work.

Emma Barnett a BBC Radio 5 live presenter has claimed that if men had periods they would get time off work. She wants to break the great menstruation taboo. If your a woman have you ever rang your boss and said “sorry I can’t come in today because I have a really heavy painful period” no I bet you haven’t. Women mainly grit their teeth take a couple of paracetamol and carry on.

Emma suffered from endometriosis which causes very heavy very painful periods which is causes a build-up of tissue in the uterus and pelvis. She was cross with herself for not being honest with her bosses about why she was feeling so unwell.

She doesn’t think a woman should receive menstrual leave but believes that if men had monthly cycles they would get time off included in their HR policies.

She wants women to be able to talk about it so that accommodations could be put in place to help them do their jobs.

Miss Barnett was the first woman in the UK to announce she was menstruating on live television and because of the shock and discomfort it caused, she decided to write a book called It’s About Bloody Time. Period.

In the office, environment periods are not usually mentioned. The topic only usually comes up when out sharing a glass of wine with girlfriends. Women would rather say they have a stomach bug than period pain because they sadly know that telling the truth won’t do their career any favours.

Intense period pain should be a legitimate reason to take sick leave and reasons for flexible working should include inhibiting period symptoms. Women may need to lie down or have a fan on their desk. And they should always be truthful to their boss about what is wrong with them.

Hopefully, Emma’s book will help open up communication to help you women know they aren’t alone.

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