What a lovely act of kindness started by a Cleethorpes woman.


What a lovely act of kindness started by a Cleethorpes woman.

A kind Cleethorpes woman started Betty’s Bunch in honour of her late mum Betty Smith. Lynn Collins started buying a bouquet of flowers when she was out shopping and presented them to an elderly lady passing by. after her lovely mum died.

Because she cannot buy them for her mum any more she gives them in her mum’s memory. On one occasion she did not find an elderly woman to give the flowers to she went to Clarendon Hall  Care Home in Humberston instead and asked the receptionist to give it to one of the residents. Her mum had lived in the Home for the last two weeks of her life so it was a special place to Lynn. When she took another bunch to the Care Home and explained that her mum had died there. The nurse said with a big smile “Oh it is Betty’s Bunch”.

The manageress told her that they had given the first bunch to an old lady who had broken her hips and was very low. They explained about Betty’s Bunch and Lynn’s mum and the flowers made her day. Betty’s bunch then became a weekly celebration in Clarendon Care Home with a member of the team buying a beautiful bouquet for one of their residents every week.

Very sadly Lynne died on Wednesday but her kind act continues to inspire people from all around the world to carry out this random act of kindness. There is even a Bettys Bunch hashtag on social media.

Her daughter would like one thing from us all and that is to give a Betty’s Bunch and think of her slightly crazy, quirky beautiful mum.

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    • Nicola Walker , August 12, 2019 @ 12:19 pm

      Betty’s bunch is fantastic and raises a smile. We will carry on this legacy.
      Thank you.
      Clarendon Hall

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