To avoid food poisoning you need to wash this item everyday.



To avoid food poisoning you need to wash this household item every day.

A cleaning expert at Fantastic Services says that we should be washing out tea towels every day to prevent food poisoning. This probably is a shock to you because how many people actually do this? not many I guess.

Tea towels are perfect breeding grounds for germs, they are often moist and warm from being used previously and it allows bacteria to multiply rapidly. They come into contact with a lot of different surfaces. You need to make sure there is not any cross-contamination

You are advised to replace them every day with clean dry ones or wash them at the end of each day. Researchers from the University of Bristol backed this up. They asked people to prepare a chicken meal in the kitchen. Then the bacteria on various surfaces were analysed. In the study tea towels and sponges tested positive for campylobacter or salmonella.

When you unconsciously wipe surfaces or your hands and plates with the same tea towel. You will be spreading bacteria without knowing it.

I think we all need to go and buy a whole load of new tea towels.

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