Group Of Boys Kick Hedgehog To Death

Group Of Boys Kick Hedgehog To Death

Jonathan Dennett, the headteacher at Fitzharrys school in Abingdon, has sent a letter out to all parents

after one of his pupils was accused of kicking the hedgehog to death.

On Tuesday morning between 7am-8am a group of around five-six boys were spotted

kicking a hedgehog like a football in Abingdon at Albert Park.

It is known at least one of the boys attends Fitzharrys school as he wore the school’s uniform.

Another two boys have been named however they do not attend Fitzharrys.

A volunteer from Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue went to save the animal,

however upon arrival she saw that the group was still kicking the poor animal.

After collecting the hedgehog, X-rays showed that it’s spine had shifted

and numerous bones were sticking out of it’s body.

The hedgehog had to be put down by volunteer vets, experts claiming the animal

would have been in great pain at the time.

In the letter, Dennett informed that the school want to hold the boys accountable for their actions.

He also stated that the actions do not represent the schools values and representation.

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