Beware Netflix is to crack down on sharing.


 Beware Netflix is to crack down on sharing.

If you haven’t got a Netflix account you may well ask a friend or family member to borrow their password. But soon this could land you in trouble as Netflix reveals plans to crack down on users who share passwords.

The chief product officer of Netflix said that Netflix is hoping to address password sharing. Tech firm Synmedia has revealed a new AL system that is designed to crack down on account sharing. The system uses machine learning to spot shared passwords on streaming services.

These services can choose how to deal with culprits it could be by making them upgrade to a premium service, or shutting their account down altogether. They say casual sharing is becoming too expensive to ignore.  Synmedia has now started trialing the system. In the future, Synamedia says it will offer access to streamlining services like Netflix.

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