Teen Charged With Bomb Threats And Arson

Teen Charged With Bomb Threats And Arson

A teenager had threatened to blow up his sheltered accommodation

after setting fire to the kitchen, leaving staff terrified

as they barracade themselves in a room.

The threat resulted in all people living in Spode Close and other surrounding streets

around the sheltered flats to evacuate their homes early hours of Monday morning.

The 19 year old, Leigham Sandison, appeared in Oxford Magistrates’ Court this morning

only to confirm his name.

He entered no pleas to charges of making a false bomb threat, assaulting a social worker

and threatening to kill her and arson with intention to endanger life.

It is known that Sandison claimed to have hidden a bomb with a timer on in the bathroom

of the sheltered home.

Remanded in custody, he is to appear in Swindon Crown Court

on Friday, November 15 for a trial preparation hearing.

As he walked away from the docks by his custody officer, he had surprisingly thanked the magistrates.

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