Man Denies Stamping On Woman’s Head

Man Denies Stamping On Woman’s Head

A man was accused of hurting his ex partner by stamping on her head repeatedly.

Prosecutors claim that Robert Burden, 39, of Hazel Crescent, Kidlington,

repeatedly struck his partner’s head with his foot on the road bridge above the A40.

The incident occurred on Aprill 22nd at 6pm.

He denies one count of harassment by breaching a restraining order and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

When explaining his innocence, he had told the jurors that he has spent the day with friends

before meeting his ex girlfriend at the North Oxford park at 5:30pm.

He commented that she was ‘aggressive’ towards him, claiming that she was either drunk or hungover

as he could smell alcohol on her.

The dispute started when she asked where her money was, Burden explaining that he would giver her

the money at the end of the month.

She continued to be aggressive throughout the conversation.

It is known that Burden suffered a bike injury, leaving him with a scab that he

told jurors his ex partner ‘opened up’, causing him to raise his arm, the action hitting her in the head.

When leaving, the woman called him a ‘w*nker’ in which he decided to follow her to the bridge

where the alleged incident took place.

Burden denied ever stamping on her head, especially repeatedly.

In the women’s recall, she stated that

she could feel a foot on her head and she was unable to get up.

Continuing, she said she could hear shouting and muffling, however she couldn’t

hear clearly, all she could see was a foot on her face.

She remembers she went in the fetal position but still couldnt g





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