22 New Bills Set Out in Queens Speech

Further to our report yesterday, the Queen has now presented her 65th speech to Parliament

As indicated, 22 new bills were set out, although whether there is time to pass these new bills before a general election is unknown. Prime Minister Boris Johnson however, is hopeful that the new legislature will garner votes for the Conservative Party.

Brexit featured in 6 of the bills, one of which being a superfast Withdrawal Agreement Bill to allow consent for a last-minute deal by the Brexit deadline of 31st October.

Also hoping to sway voters is the Foreign National Offenders Bill which see prison sentences for criminals breaching deportation orders bump up from just 6 months to two years.

Other bills include:

The Prisoners Bill that will include “Helen’s Law” named after Helen McCourt was murdered in 1988, under which murderers who hold back information on their victims’ whereabouts will be punished.

The Patient Safety Bill will see the creation of an investigative body with legal enforcement powers to regulate and uphold standards in hospitals and GPs’ surgeries.

Other NHS related bills will see major refurb programmes to hospitals in need, and updates to the Mental Health Act.

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