The search is on for Marmite haters are you one of them?


The search is on for Marmite haters are you one of them?

If you are one of the biggest haters of the Marmite toast topper you could be one of the people they are looking for. Marmite has been going since 1902 and people either love it or really hate it. The brand usually aims its adverts and promotions at those who love the brand. Now they are trying something different. Marmite wants to find the biggest haters and hope to convert them into Marmite lovers. Haters of Marmite can apply at for a unique experience that could see them become a fan of Marmite.

You will have to answer a number of questions via the website, and a panel of participants will be selected. The lucky winners once finalised will travel to London to watch a powerful hypnosis film under strictly controlled conditions. The hypnosis film can not be distributed widely or viewed by anyone under 18. A trained hypnotist Rory Z Fulcher will oversee the experiment as the winners will be taken through a series of mind control techniques designed to change their taste perceptions.

In order to take part, participants will have to want to be hypnotised. Because if someone does not want to be hypnotised it is highly likely they will go into a hypnotic state. Marmite has launched the competition to stop people making the same breakfast choice every morning and incorporate savoury breakfast options.

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