Good News! Stolen Dog Miraculously Returns Home Like A ‘Homing Pidgeon’

What a great news story to round off the week!


Lurcher Abby who was earlier today reported as snatched by raiders who broke into the kennels at Blaxton has miraculously turned up just minutes ago ON HER OWNERS DOORSTEP!


The Gi Team have just been notified by Howard and Janice Simmonds that the dog, missing since last night after a suspected break in at the kennels, has found her way home, presumably having been abandoned following an appeal for her return.


Where she was dumped, or if she escaped capture is unknown but the fact that Abby has found her way to the very door of her home – some 6 miles from the kennels is amazing.


Her owners, aware of Abby’s disappearance, had returned home from Stratford just one hour ago still naturally distraught from the incident to then see her outside.


Many thanks to Tia Rescue and everyone who helped spread the word to help find Abby a round of ‘A-PAWS’ to everybody.




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