Man went wild and bit strangers neck and then bit his girlfriend in a drunken rampage.


Man went wild and bit a stranger’s neck and then bit his girlfriend in a drunken rampage.

James Funnell 28, is believed to have been described as a wild animal when horrific footage from CCTV cameras was shown in court as he bit a man’s neck and then spat the flesh into the street.

He then went to his ex-partner’s home and bit her nine times. It is believed that he followed a woman into a shop and asked her for a bottle of coke she had bought. She then went into a Chinese takeaway to meet her partner and Funnell followed and headbutted her.

The women’s partner then grappled with him and he was also headbutted then  Funnell bit the man’s neck and spat out the flesh. Surgeons at Hull Royal Infirmary were unable to replace the torn flesh. And it is thought that he now has permanent scarring and is having to undergo further treatment. It is believed that both the innocent victims now live in fear and would like to move out of the area. Both of the victims have not only suffered physical injuries but long-lasting psychological damage as well.

James Funnell then went to his ex-girlfriends house and bit her nine times on her arms and face she is believed to also have suffered injuries to her arms and face. When the police came to arrest him he injured a female police officer.

The judge imposed an extended sentence because of the danger he posed to the public. He was jailed for six years and eight months and an extended term of four years was added. Which means he will have an extended period on licence from prison of four years.


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