Huge Rise in ‘Designer’ Dogs Being Rescued – RSPCA

Currently, the number of ‘handbag’ dogs being rescued by the RSPCA and cared for by the RSPCA rescue centres in Lincolnshire have dramatically risen over the past seven years as new figures show.
Data shows that there has been a 700% rise in the number of Chihuahuas being taken in, while there is an increase of 600% Dachshunds, Pomeranians by 440% and French Bulldogs by 236%.
Overall, 150 dogs were rescued from abuse and neglect by the charity in Lincolnshire last year and received more than 11,500 calls to its cruelty hotline.
Fortunately, a total of 71 dogs were re-homed in the county in 2018.
The RSPCA want to raise awareness about adopting a rescue dog instead of buying a puppy this month, Lisa Hens informing us on their current situation:
“Although Staffies, lurchers, Jack Russell terriers and German Shepard are still the most common dogs coming into our centres, we are seeing a general decrease in their numbers while seeing an increase in the number of fashionable cross-breeds and so-called designer dogs like Dachshunds and French Bulldogs arriving in our care”

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