Flood Alert Issued for Lower Don Catchment

Following recent heavy rainfall, a flood alert has been put in place for the Lower Don catchment. The Government’s Flood Information Service has told people that they should ‘be prepared’ as flooding is possible in the area. The level of the River Don fell yesterday (Monday 30th September) however due to heavy rainfall and high tides it is expected that the levels will rise once again.

The Government’s Flood Information Service informs that: “Following the recent rainfall. river levels remain high in the Lower Don catchment, particularly in the lower tidal stretches of the river. We expect levels around Doncaster to rise again in response to the further rainfall. Currently, we are in a period of very high tides, which is combined with the river water to cause the high levels, as well as preventing the water escaping around high tides”

“We are continuing to monitor the situation closely; the flood incident room will remain open and our operational staff are constantly checking the flood banks and other defences to secure your safety. If you spot a problem with a flood embankment or you are aware of properties flooding or most likely to, please call our incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60”

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