Grimsby 501 darts league

Monday Night darts is back starting a new winter league season. Birdseye Sports and social club will be hosting 992 fixtures over the course of the 2019-2020 season.

The league again is Sponsored by bobbies prize bingo grimsby which hold their bingo events every Saturday and Sunday at the scout hut on the corner of Carr Lane. Offering a great hot chip bun on a saturday evening and supporting alot of fantastic causes in our community. Fancy a game of Bingo why not go along and play the best prize bingo in the local area.

So back to the new winter league season, A few questions are going to be answered over the season as the league sees 32 players regularly taking their toes to the oches.

Who will win the League is the question many will ask. Will it be last years winner Daz Mawer as he looks to improve from by his standards was a poor summer league season? Can the Summer League champion Hayden Newbegin carry on his great form into the winter league against more competition. Will Jim Janney who has made the switch from another league come in and claim the champions status. Will Liam Jewitt or even Callum Jewitt go one or 2 better this year and take the winning cash prize and trophies. Will John Riches or Graham Field who both had a good summer League improve on their positions and go that one step further. Any of the 32 players have the same chance to win with so many new players to the league just who knows?

The League welcomes 11 new players to the league in the shape of Alex Nuttall, Colin Craik, Danny Janney, Joel Keaney, Kieran Griss, Lewis Gulland, Lewis Pexman, Nicholas May, Rob McDonald, Steve Dwyer, Steven Waller and Tony Smith. We wish all the new players to the league the very best of luck and hope you fully enjoy the season ahead.

We welcome back from previous seasons Ash Newbegin, Callum Jewitt, Daniel Keaney, Dave East, David Newbegin, Daz Mawer, Gary Smith, Graham Field, Hayden Newbegin, Jim Janney, John Riches, Jordan Waller, Ken Smith, Laura Dwyer, Lee Burch, Liam Jewitt, Mark Braithwaite, Stewart May, Stuart Cox and Tony Newbegin.

Thank you to you all for showing your fantastic support to Grimsby 501 Darts League at birdseye sports and social club and we hope you all have another fully enjoyable season.
A Few people on the reserve list if a player should drop are Glynn Davies, Alicia Briggs, Aaron Dwyer and Tyler Newbegin.
Development are currently being negotiated to bring more Match boards for future seasons to allow more players to join our ever expanding league and names are being taken throughout the year for summer league 2020.

Monday 7th October 2019 week 1 fixtures as follows
2 points for a win, 1 point a draw and 0 points a loss format best of 6 legs.

Alex Nuttall v Daniel Keaney
Ash Newbegin v Lewis Pexman
Colin Craik v Tony Newbegin
Danny Janney v Daz Mawer
Dave East v Liam Jewitt
David Newbegin v Kieran Griss
Gary Smith v Stuart Cox
Graham Field v Stewart May
Joel Keaney v Rob McDonald
John Riches v Jim Janney
Jordan Waller v Steve Dwyer
Lee Burch v Callum Jewitt
Lewis Gulland v Steven Waller
Mark Braithwaite v Ken Smith
Nick May v Laura Dwyer
Tony Smith v Hayden Newbegin

Callum Jewitt v Lewis Pexman
Daniel Keaney v Gary Smith
David Newbegin v Danny Janney
Daz Mawer v Jordan Waller
Hayden Newbegin v Lewis Gulland
Jim Janney v Ash Newbegin
Ken Smith v lee Burch
Kieran Griss v Tony Smith
Laura Dwyer v Colin Craik
Liam Jewitt v Nick May
Rob McDonald v Graham Field
Steve Dwyer v Dave East
Steven Waller v Alex Nuttall
Stewart May v John Riches
Stuart Cox v Joel Keaney
Tony Newbegin v Mark Braithwaite

Due to 32 players playing the league has divided the players to 2 pots to give all players a chance of winning cash prizes and trophies.

Pot 1
1.Hayden Newbegin 2. Jim Janney 3. Callum Jewitt 4. Liam Jewitt 5. graham Field 6. John Riches 7. Mark Braithwaite 8. Ash Newbegin 9. Daniel Keaney 10. Colin Craik 11. Dave Newbegin 12. Ken Smith 13. Steve Dwyer 14. Lewis Pexman 15. Daz Mawer 16. Alex Nuttall
Pot 2
1. Tony Newbegin 2. Tony Smith 3. Lewis Gulland 4. Lee Burch 5. Stewart May 6. Stuart Cox 7. Dave East 8. Steven Waller 9. Laura Dwyer 10. Joel Keaney 11. Rob Mcdonald 12. Kieran Griss 13. Nicholas May 14. Danny Janney 15. Jordan Waller 16. Gary Smith.

If you wish to join our league or require any additional information please do not hesitate to email us

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