North East Lincolnshire has been rated as the 16th most deprived area in England

The Mirror online series has looked at data on the state of British towns it ranks 324 areas in England and combines information. Based on life expectancy, air pollution avoidable deaths, obesity, smoking alcohol-related hospital admissions and heroin deaths.

According to the study below is how our region ranks in unhealthiness, crime, poor health, and how many people are unqualified.

15 of the most deprived areas of the country are in the North or Midlands. The figures have shown that if you live in towns in the North West or North East you are more likely to die earlier than people in the rest of the country. You are also more likely to have fewer qualifications and suffer more from crime.

But there are a number of people and organisations in our area that are working very hard to improve the regions status and reputation.

28th worst in England for unhealthiness.

Mental health and physical health are often made worse by issues such as few job opportunities, low wages and access to health care. It has been estimated that one in six of us will have experienced a mental health problem in the last week.

Navigo which is North East Lincolnshire based is an award-winning social enterprise which provides mental health services to the NHS and further. They pride themselves on providing services that their own families would be happy to use.

They have been rated by the Care Quality Commission as Outstanding for services for care, the elderly and eating disorder patients.  One of the main causes of overall disease burdens in the world is Mental health.

Navigo and North East Lincolnshire Mind have opened Safespace crisis cafe this year it is a specialist cafe which offers out of ours care and support to the isolated, lonely, and emotionally vulnerable who may find themselves in crisis or in need of support with their mental health in the evening. Grimsby Garden Centre staff have been helped by Navigo they have trained all the staff to complete suicide prevention training.

There is also Open Minds which support people aged 16 and above who may be experiencing common mental health problems, such as stress anxiety and depression. Self-referral is encouraged by open minds to make an appointment you can just walk in the Grimsby or Cleethorpes branch or call the team. Or alternatively, you can register with Navigo.

41st worst in England for crime.

Unfortunately, there is a chain reaction created by crime and deprivation.

In a study by Civitas it showed that compared to a household on incomes of £50,000 or above those on incomes below £10,00 are:

. Are more likely to be attacked by someone they know and far more likely to be attacked by a stranger.

. They are twice as likely to suffer violence with injury.

. They are twice as likely to be burgled.

. They are three times as likely to be robbed and mugged.

. They are three times as likely to suffer rape or attempted rape.

. They are six times as likely to be a victim of domestic violence

But Humberside Police have set up many schemes and initiatives to help alleviate these issues and to enable people to feel safe in their hometown.

Inspector Martin Hopper is the Community Inspector for Grimsby he would like people to feel where they live and the force are focused on building trust and confidence. He acknowledges the demands that have been put on the force in the past two decades in serving the town.

Although there are some demanding issues they have dedicated staff for each ward area. And are focused on building trust and confidence and want people to feel safe and reassured that they are there for them. There is early intervention initiatives were young people are engaged with and there have been some real success stories.

34th worst in England for Economic poor health.

Smaller quirky startups have rejuvenated Grimsby Town Centre and Cleethorpes promenade. Independent businesses help towns and cities across the UK to thrive.

Lots of small businesses are coming to the forefront and many more high profile ones like Docks Beers. People are drawing on our heritage and nostalgia and bringing it to the forefront.

61st worst in England for Unqualified population.

It is a challenge today to keep youngsters engaged in education with so many distractions of the modern-day. But the oldest student at Grimsby Institute well into their 90s it is never too old to learn.

One of the biggest obstacles is retaining students after their studies, and having job opportunities in the area is the biggest obstacle. there is a range of full-time courses degrees, adult learning, and apprenticeships, which highlight a whole host of avenues to explore.

There is also an A level centre but the aim is to help young people at a very important stage in their lives and find things that interest them so they can gain qualifications.

The job is to catch everyone who exceeded at school, and also those who did not and offer them the right pathway which will allow them to open up the possibilities of a future career.