Siemens looks to axe 70 jobs in Lincoln

Siemens in Lincoln is looking to make up to 70 voluntary redundancies at the Ruston Works site in the city centre.

The announcement comes despite the business doing well in Lincoln and having full order books. The firm stressed that it remains committed to a long-term future in the city.

Siemens says the move is needed to

size the business in-line with market demands,

and to

help us stay competitive in a dynamic energy market.”

The company added that it is

very much committed to a long-term future in Lincoln.

Staff were told about the plans on Thursday 26th September. The 30 day consultation period has now begun. It is understood that a number of staff are considering this option, especially older staff.

Siemens employs more than 1,500 people across Lincoln. It has invested £48.5 million at the Teal Park gas turbine service centre and £43.5 million at the Ruston Works since 2010. About 800 people work at the Ruston Works, mostly in the design and manufacture of industrial gas turbines.

Siemens last year signalled it would continue to operate at the 735,000 sq ft Ruston Works when it signed a 10-year lease with owner St Modwen. The site began as Ruston, Burton & Proctor in 1857.

Mary Vickers moved to North East Lincolnshire in 2010, from the Wiltshire/Hampshire border, to become Urban and Industrial Chaplain NELincs. Made redundant in 2017, she's maintained many of her connections within the business, faith, and other local communities. She's also decided to stay here rather than return to either the south or her husband's native Yorkshire, so that she can continue to enjoy and help promote the positives of NELincs.