Taxing Times for Grimsbys Brexit Candidate

A keen-eyed Twitter follower is alleging that Christopher Barker, potential Brexit MP for Grimsby, was driving his car UNTAXED and without an MOT. It is believed a video of Mr Barker on his YouTube account stepping out of his vehicle has led to people running his details through a tax and MOT checker.

Tweets claim that his black Citroen C3 has been untaxed since 11th August and without an MOT since 4th September.

Penalties for these offences can result in a fine of up to a maximum of £1,000 for driving without an MOT up to £1,000 for no car tax. Fixed penalty notices can also be issued.

It is unknown at this stage if penalties have been issued.

Mr Barker has commented in response to the allegations:

“I recently changed my car and fully insured it. I wrongly understood that the MOT had some weeks to run, but should of course have checked. My thanks to those who took the trouble to check out the reg plate for me! It’s being fixed. “


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